₩60,000 KRWHT


Chinos. Straight cut, in stretch cotton. Timeless classic of our collection. 

Other colors available on request


98% cotton, 2% elastane


Machine washable at 40°C

Marcy Paris's Opinion

For an all-terrain wardrobe, regardless of your profession, the chino accompanies you in all your movements. We particularly like its four pockets, reminiscent of jeans, two at the back, and two on the sides.


Chino Trousers - Your versatile ally for a professional and impeccable outfit

The Chino trousers embody casual elegance and offer unparalleled adaptability. Crafted from premium stretch cotton (98% cotton, 2% elastane), this garment proves to be an essential piece in any professional wardrobe. Its straight cut combines comfort and an elegant appearance, perfectly suited for a variety of environments and activities.

Exceptional characteristics

This chino impresses with its exceptional versatility. Designed to meet the uniform requirements in the sectors of luxury hospitality and corporate wear, it embodies the perfect fusion of practicality and style. Its stretch cotton structure offers unmatched freedom of movement, allowing wearers to go about their daily tasks with ease and comfort.Equipped with four strategically placed pockets, this chino combines the practicality of jeans with the elegance of professional attire. Two back pockets and two side pockets add a functional touch without compromising its refined aesthetic. This clever design offers a practical storage solution for small essential accessories throughout the day.

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The Ideal ally for corporate and hospitality attire

No matter your profession, the Chino trousers adapt to your daily life. For professionals in luxury hospitality, they embody elegance and practicality, perfectly complementing an image of class and professionalism in an environment where elegance is essential.For executives and employees in the corporate world, these trousers become the ideal ally for creating impeccable professional outfits. Their sophisticated cut and quality fabric provide a neat and serious appearance while ensuring the comfort needed for an active workday.

A must have of your professional wardrobe

The Chino trousers are much more than just a piece of clothing. They are a statement of style and functionality for those who demand the best from their professional attire. Its versatility, comfort, and timeless design make it an essential choice for anyone looking to combine elegance and practicality in their professional wardrobe. This modern chino trouser stands out as the pillar of a successful professional outfit.

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