Our best-sellers
Elegant tailor dress with a small V-neck defined by small sleeves. The waist can be highlighted by a belt in order to refine the silhouette. A refined and refined cut that slenders the silhouette.
Women's suit pants adorned with oblique side pockets and piping pockets on the back. The straight high-waisted cut brings elegance to the silhouette and comfort through the technicality of the fabric....
Nice pants 5 pockets in stretch canvas. Its cut is adjusted and is a happy medium between the suit pants and the chino pants.
Navy dress pants high waist for women. Its cut is fluid while remaining elegant and sophisticated. This pretty piece is accompanied by a belt that is tied at the waist to mark it and sublimate the silhouette.
Polo en maille piquée à manches courtes pour homme. Ce modèle a une coupe droite avec un col, des poignets en bord côte et des fentes contrastées sur le côté. Son coton maille piquée apporte un confort optimal.
Classic French collar long sleeve shirt Elegant long sleeve shirt for men. Its cotton twill makes it comfortable without being see-through. Regular fit with non-removable stays and a classic French collar.
Elegant white shirt with mao collar for men, with long sleeves and buttoned cuffs. Its cotton twill makes it pleasant without being transparent. The cut of this shirt is regular.