Bilbao Shirt

45,00€ HT
54,00€ TTC

Mandarin collar shirt, slim fit. Long sleeves and buttoned cuffs. Cotton twill.


100% cotton


Machine washable at 40°C

Marcy Paris's Opinion

In its men's version, the Bilbao shirt exudes a touch of sophistication with its straight collar. Its minimalist look makes it adapt well with a jacket or a vest. In short, it can be worn in a professional mode with both rigor and flexibility.


Bilbao men's shirt - elegance and refinement for your professional style

The Bilbao men's shirt embodies the essence of elegance for an impeccable professional outfit. Featuring long sleeves and buttoned cuffs, crafted from 100% cotton twill, it seamlessly combines comfort and style for a polished professional look.

Elegance for every occasion

This men's shirt, with a mandarin collar and a slim fit, represents the pinnacle of refinement for your work attire. The long sleeves offer versatility suitable for any workday, whether it's your daily routine or an important professional event. The buttoned cuffs add a touch of distinction, while the cotton twill ensures optimal comfort throughout the day.

Comfort and everyday style

The Bilbao men's shirt is specially designed for an optimal fit, offering a cut that combines comfort and style for effortless elegance. Its slim fit ensures refinement and freedom of movement perfectly suited for a busy workday.

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Versatility in every environment

Wear the Bilbao men's shirt with confidence in various professional contexts. Thanks to its high-quality cotton twill and slim fit, it becomes an essential part of your professional wardrobe. This shirt adapts seamlessly to different work environments, offering a polished appearance and optimal comfort.

The Bilbao men's shirt represents the perfect blend of elegance and practicality for a flawless professional outfit. With its mandarin collar, slim fit, and high-quality cotton twill, it is a must-have for those seeking a shirt that combines comfort, style, and refinement in the men's corporate wear world.

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