Long Palmarosa Trousers

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90,00€ TTC
Made in France
Tissu écoresponsable

Wide-leg pants. Elastic waistband. Two side pockets. Soft, comfortable quilted fabric. 


64% polyester*, 36% tencel *natural polyester


Machine washable at 60°

Marcy Paris's Opinion

Designed specifically for the wellness and beauty professions, these pants combine elegance and practicality, allowing you to move around with ease, whether you're working in a spa or any other relaxing environment. Soft, wearable quilted mesh provides a perfect fit.


Palmarosa Long Trousers - comfortable professional outfit for an
active day

The Palmarosa Long trousers embody the perfect union between elegance and functionality, offering an unparalleled experience for professionals seeking professional attire that is both refined and practical.

Comfort and versatility

These wide-leg trousers feature an elastic waistband, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal comfort throughout the day. Its two side pockets add to the practicality of this attire, offering functional space for essential tools in the professional setting. The soft and delicate pique knit provides a pleasant feel to the touch, allowing unrestricted freedom of movement.

Quality materials

The Palmarosa Long Trousers are crafted with a combination of 64% polyester and 36% tencel, offering a perfect blend of durability and softness. The natural polyester ensures increased robustness against daily wear, while the tencel adds a touch of comfort and environmental friendliness. This combination of premium materials guarantees an attire that withstands the test of time while maintaining optimal comfort for active professionals.

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Adaptability and style

These wide-leg trousers are designed to adapt to various professional environments. Their versatile cut allows for easy combination with other clothing pieces to create personalised and elegant professional outfits. The sophisticated yet casual pique knit provides a versatile style that can be confidently worn in a variety of professional settings.

Specifications of the Palmarosa Long Trousers

- Wide trousers with an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.

- Two practical side pockets for increased functionality.

- Composition: 64% polyester and 36% tencel for an ideal blend of durability and softness.

- Soft pique knit that is pleasant to wear, ensuring optimal comfort during an active workday.

- The Palmarosa Long Trousers are much more than just professional attire: they embody elegance, comfort, and practicality, perfectly meeting the needs of dynamic professionals.

Invest in quality and flexibility with the Palmarosa Long Trousers, your essential ally for an uncompromising workday.

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