Paolo Waistcoat

89,00€ HT
106,80€ TTC
Made in Europe
Tissu écoresponsable
Tissu recyclé

Waistcoat. Front welt pockets. Adjustable back strap. Button closure.


54% polyester*, 44% wool, 2% elastane, *recycled polyester



Marcy Paris's Opinion

At Marcy Paris, we test and wear all your outfits before confirming them in our collection. That's why you'll love the feminine version of the Paolo cardigan. It easily complements your outfit, with or without a jacket. And for women, we especially love it paired with the Manchester shirt.


Professional attire with elegance

The Paolo vest embodies the refinement of professional attire while offering meticulous details. Featuring welt pockets at the front, an adjustable back strap, and a button closure, this suit vest is crafted from a subtle blend of 54% recycled polyester, 44% wool, and 2% elastane, ensuring both quality and durability.

Comfort and versatility at the heart of the collection

At Marcy Paris, we pay special attention to every piece in our collection, and the women's Paolo vest is a perfect example. Its versatility shines through in its ability to effortlessly adapt to different outfits. Wear it over a jacket for a formal look or without a jacket for a more casual appearance. Women especially appreciate pairing the vest with the Manchester shirt, providing a versatile style for all occasions.

A vest adapted to your professional style

The Paolo suit vest is an essential piece for a successful professional outfit. Its versatility allows you to easily match it with other items in your wardrobe, adding a touch of elegance to your work style. Whether it's for a formal meeting or a day at the office, this vest seamlessly adapts to your style.

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Quality materials for your comfort

The meticulous composition of the Paolo suit vest combines practicality and comfort. The blend of recycled polyester, wool, and elastane provides a pleasant texture to the touch, as well as optimal breathability. This combination of materials ensures your comfort throughout the day, which is essential for your well-being at work.

Why choose the Paolo costume vest

The Paolo suit vest is much more than a simple professional clothing piece.
It embodies the perfect blend of elegance, comfort and versatility, offering you a
providing you with an outfit that is both refined and practical for your various professional activities. Its
ability to adapt to different styles makes it an ideal choice for those looking for
versatility without compromising on style.
The vest complements various ensembles for the world of work.
Wear it over a shirt or a blouse for a formal presentation during
important meetings or corporate events. Combine it with slim trouserss
Or a skirt for a sophisticated and elegant look. Its versatility makes it a must have for any professional
wardrobe, giving you the opportunity to create different styles adapted for various

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