Munich Trousers

110,00€ HT
132,00€ TTC
Tissu recyclé

High-waisted pants. Flattering fit for all body types. Tied waistband, piped back pockets.


100% polyester* *of which 28% is recycled polyester


Machine washable at 30°C

Marcy Paris's Opinion

An essential in feminine corporate wear, the Munich pants can be worn all year round. Its high waistline enhances the silhouette, with or without heels, without compromising on elegance.


Munich Trousers: Elegance for four professional outfit

The Munich Trousers, with a timeless style designed to fit all body types, are crafted from an exquisite blend of 100% polyester, proudly including 28% recycled polyester. They embody the very essence of female corporate wear, offering an elegant and versatile solution, suitable for all seasons and professional demands.

Refine your style with distinction

This garment is much more than just trousers: it's a showcase for the silhouette, easily adaptable whether with elegant heels or flat shoes. The tied waistband, adding a subtle note of sophistication, is complemented by the welt pockets at the back, a functional detail perfectly integrated into the style of the Munich trousers.

Adaptability and versatility in any season

The Munich trousers transform into a key piece of any professional wardrobe, suitable for all occasions. Its flattering cut transcends the boundaries of professional settings, whether for a workday or a formal meeting. Its adaptability to all types of shoes makes it an undeniable choice, offering a perfect balance between elegance and comfort in any situation.

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Uncompromising elegance without

A testament to the union of aesthetics and practicality, the Munich trousers embody elegance in its purest form. Their high waist offers undeniable distinction while maintaining exceptional comfort. It's the perfect combination of a flattering design and refined functionality for an uncompromising professional outfit.

Opt for excellence and confidence

The Munich Trousers stand out as an essential pillar of any professional woman's wardrobe. With its tailored fit, unmatched high waist, and unparalleled versatility, it becomes a must have, bringing a touch of sophisticated elegance to every professional outfit.

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