Practical Guide : What colours should you choose for your professional clothing

Corporate and Colour codes

L’Évolution de la Veste de Travail

1. Top 3 most popular colours at work

It is not surprising to see that certain colours are more easily used in a professional setting, especially in France. Subtle and versatile shades, such as black, white, and blue, dominate the choices of professional clothing in all sectors of activity.

Noir: Black, often perceived as the quintessential professional colour, is versatile and suitable for various work contexts. It conveys elegance, sophistication, and a formal aspect, ideal for a corporate outfit or luxury hotel uniforms. This colour is a cornerstone in the wardrobe of professionals as it allows the creation of a serious and respected image.

Bleu: Blue, on the other hand, is widely appreciated for its sobriety and professional character. In banking, finance, and corporate sectors, blue is a preferred choice as it inspires trust and credibility. This colour is also often chosen for uniforms in the restaurant and hotel industry, as it is perceived as soothing, which is an asset in often dynamic and demanding environments.

Blanc: Finally, white, synonymous with purity, clarity, and cleanliness, is massively used in industries where hygiene is crucial. Hospitals, medical laboratories, and the food sector often opt for this colour for their professional attire. The clarity of white communicates a message of professionalism and attention to detail, qualities highly valued in these environments.

By wisely choosing the colour of their professional attire, companies can not only adhere to the codes of their sector but also convey a strong and consistent brand image. A well-thought-out hospitality uniform or a suitable professional outfit can thus become a real tool for communication and enhancement of the company.

2. Each sector has its own colour code!

Unsurprisingly, certain professional sectors cherish certain colours more than others, going so far as to make them their trademark. These colours are associated with distinctive styles or personalized with the brand name on the pocket of a shirt.


In hospitality and restoration, the chosen colours are not only aesthetic but also symbolic. Black, elegant and discreet, evokes refined professionalism. White, synonymous with cleanliness, is essential in environments where hygiene is paramount. Navy blue, with its classic and formal appearance, inspires trust and reliability, while gray and beige, subdued and neutral, respectively convey discretion and warm hospitality.


Dark blue: serious, reliable, professional.
Charcoal grey: formal, elegant, reserved.
Off-white: clean, bright, professional.
Black: formal, serious, discreet.
Bordeaux: sober, distinguished.

Automobile Retail

In automobile retail, the choice of colours reflects modernity and sophistication. Black and dark grey, synonymous with elegance and seriousness, are popular choices. Navy blue, reliable and classic, as well as silver, dynamic and modern, are also relevant choices for uniforms reflecting innovation and confidence.

The Colour Codes for Professional Attire

Why are certain colours favored by certain sectors and less so by others? It's because they convey their own codes, reflecting the culture of a specific industry or activity.

Even more interesting, some colours can play a role in our work by influencing our mood, productivity, and concentration. Colours indeed have the power to stimulate our brain in various ways and can therefore impact our professional environment. Here are some examples of their potential influence.

Blue, for example, is often associated with tranquility, productivity, and concentration. It helps create a calm and soothing atmosphere, conducive to focus and reflection, making it ideal for workspaces requiring sustained attention. In the hospitality uniform, blue can also contribute to creating a serene environment for both customers and staff.

Green, evoking nature, growth, and harmony, can have a refreshing and revitalizing effect. In stressful work environments, this colour can foster creativity and concentration while bringing a touch of serenity.

Yellow, bright and energizing, stimulates optimism and mental clarity. Its use, however, should be moderate, as an excess of yellow can be anxiety-inducing. In sectors like design or marketing, a touch of yellow can invigorate the space and stimulate creativity.

Red, vibrant and stimulating, can evoke energy and excitement. Used strategically, it attracts attention and encourages quick decision-making. However, excessive use of red can be perceived as aggressive. It can be a bold choice for a luxury hospitality uniform, where it adds a touch of distinction and dynamism.

Finally, gray, often associated with neutrality and sobriety, can help create a professional and formal atmosphere, although it may be perceived as dull if used alone. Combined with other colours, gray provides a solid and discreet background for balanced professional attire.

By incorporating these colour nuances into professional attire, companies can not only adhere to industry codes but also positively influence the work environment and brand image. To discover how colours can transform your professional attire and for personalized assistance, contact us. Our range of professional clothing is designed to meet your specific needs, combining style, comfort, and functionality.

4. Bold or Striking Colours: How to Wear Them in the Office?"

At work, whether in your company's premises or in a store, choosing the right colour for your professional attire is crucial, especially for women who want to stand out while maintaining professional ethics. Some colours, when used wisely, can be particularly advantageous.

Red is a bright and attention-grabbing colour, perfect for drawing attention. It conveys self-confidence and dynamism. However, it's important to use it sparingly to avoid it being perceived as too flashy or aggressive. A touch of red in an outfit can be the ideal way to add vibrant energy to your professional look.

Bright or electric blue is also a bold shade that can help you stand out while maintaining a professional appearance. This colour can project an image of creativity and determination. However, in some more formal work environments, it's advisable to choose a slightly more subdued blue to stay within professional boundaries.

Purple, on the other hand, is associated with creativity, wisdom, and sophistication. Darker shades of purple, such as plum or eggplant, can be particularly elegant and flattering. They offer an excellent way to stand out while maintaining a professional and refined appearance.

Mustard yellow is another bright and trendy colour, perfect for attracting attention without being too flashy. It evokes an image of liveliness and optimism. For a more professional appearance, it's advisable to choose a slightly darker shade of mustard yellow.

5. Do luxury retail outfits have specific colour codes?

When it comes to working in the luxury industry, especially as a sales professional, the choice of colours for your outfit can play a crucial role in creating a strong brand image, conveying quality and elegance. Here are some key colours and their significance in this luxurious context.

Black is an essential classic colour in the luxury industry. Evoking sophistication, elegance, and prestige, black helps create a high-end and timeless brand image. A black professional outfit is a safe choice to convey a message of seriousness and distinction.

Rich and deep colours such as burgundy, purple, and navy blue are also perfect for the luxury industry. These hues evoke sophistication and quality, creating a luxurious atmosphere and a sense of refinement. They are ideal for outfits where one aims to exude an aura of prestige and exclusivity.

Silver, symbolizing modernity, technology, and sophistication, can be used to create a contemporary and high-end look. Often associated with black, this colour adds a touch of modernism and reinforces the luxury image. It is perfect for accessories or details that catch the eye without being too ostentatious.

Finally, gold, the colour of wealth, luxury, and exclusivity, can add a touch of opulence to your outfit. Used sparingly, for example in buttons, belts, or scarves, it brings a subtle and refined glow to your professional attire.

For professionals in the luxury industry, these colours are not just an aesthetic choice but a strategic tool to strengthen their brand image and presence in the sector. If you work in this field and are looking to enhance your professional wardrobe, or if you want to learn more about the impact of colours in the luxury world, contact us. Our selection of professional clothing, specially designed for the luxury industry, combines style, elegance, and functionality.