Paolo Waistcoat

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Made in Europe
Tissu écoresponsable
Tissu recyclé

Waistcoat. Front welt pockets. Adjustable back strap. Button closure.


54% polyester*, 44% wool, 2% elastane, *recycled polyester


Dry cleaning

Marcy Paris's Opinion

A male essential that you'll be proud to wear in all seasons. Its fabric is stretchy to follow you in all your movements. Its wool, woven in Portugal, is eco-friendly, and it includes recycled polyester. The Paolo cardigan combines elegance and practicality.


Paolo Suit Vest: The essential for your professional outfit

Looking for a suit vest that combines elegance and practicality? Discover the Paolo Suit Vest, a must-have to enhance your professional attire.

Description of the Paolo Professional vest:

The Paolo suit vest is designed for excellence, featuring welt pockets, an adjustable back strap, and impeccable button closure. Its composition, blending 54% recycled polyester, 44% eco-friendly wool, and 2% elastane, reflects your commitment to sustainable fashion.

Professional uniform, exceptional qualities:

A symbol of eco-conscious elegance and versatility, the Paolo Vest embodies the very
essence of contemporary and responsible style. Its design brilliantly combines unmatched
freedom of movement thanks to its flexible and comfortable stretch material.
Meticulously woven in Portugal, its wool delivers a sensation of softness and
well-being, offering unparalleled comfort to accompany every movement. The use of
recycled polyester underscores the ethical commitment of this garment, thus paving the
way for sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. In true harmony between
elegance, practicality, and durability, the Paolo Vest represents an essential asset for a
professional wardrobe that is both accomplished and committed. Assert your style while
embracing ethical and sophisticated fashion, championing a responsible and modern
vision of your daily professional attire.

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Paolo - A symbol of professional elegance:

Adopting the Paolo vest is choosing the very essence of functional elegance. Ally
perfect between refined and superior comfort, this working outfit is distinguished so much
By its seasonal versatility only by its adaptability at each professional moment.
Its touch of innovation lies in its ability to transform your professional wardrobe into a
Hymn to practicality without compromising aesthetics. Whether for a day of
Work, a meeting, a business meal or a seminar. This vest embodies audacity and
sophistication. Its distinctive design promises a unique style, a professional look
Impeccable and unrivaled comfort, making paolo vest your essential fashion ally
For every moment of your career. Available now.

Elevate your professional attire:

Explore our collection of professional attire for men and add the Paolo Vest to your cart. Treat yourself to elegance while contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions!

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