Chino Dakar

39,00€ HT
46,80€ TTC

Women's chino pants. Straight and modern cut. Made of slightly stretch cotton. Side pockets with piped stitch and pockets at the back. 



98% cotton, 2% elastane


Machine washable at 40°C

Marcy Paris's Opinion

The chino is a daily essential, whether you work outdoors or indoors. Very comfortable with its 2% elastane, it is available in classic shades like navy or black, or warmer colors like beige. In summary, the women's chino is a corporate staple that adapts to your style: casual with a t-shirt or more chic with a shirt.


A versatile choice to assert your style

The women's Chino trousers are a classic corporate garment. Its flattering cut and slightly stretchy cotton material are suitable for all situations. For active women, every piece in their wardrobe must live up to their dynamism. These chino trousers meet this requirement by offering ease of movement and unparalleled comfort. They thus become an essential piece for various professional situations while maintaining an impeccable appearance. Featuring a variety of colours, from classic to contemporary, the women's Chino trousers give you the freedom to compose your professional look. Pair them with trendy accessories for a personal touch, or opt for a simple and classic look. Their versatility allows you to create an outfit that reflects your style, while maintaining an elegant and professional appearance.

Practicality combined with elegance

This piece is much more than just a simple corporate attire. It meets your comfort needs while maintaining a professional look. Pair it with a t-shirt for a casual look or with an elegant blouse for a more sophisticated style. Its versatility makes it a wise choice for every workday, combining practicality with refined elegance.

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Quality and durability

The combination of cotton and elastane not only provides a perfect fit but also exceptional durability and longevity. Its ability to adapt to various professional settings makes it a multifunctional garment, ideal for active days at the office or casual professional events.

Choose style and comfort

The Women's Chino trousers are a key element for a successful professional outfit. Their ability to adapt to various situations and their exceptional comfort make them a popular choice among professionals who care about their appearance and well-being.

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