Paolo Skirt

95,00€ HT
114,00€ TTC
Made in Europe
Tissu écoresponsable
Tissu recyclé

Straight-cut tailored skirt. Stretch fabric for freedom of movement. Back slit and invisible zipper.


54% polyester*, 44% wool, 2% elastane, *recycled polyester



Marcy Paris's Opinion

We primarily aim to provide freedom of movement in work gestures while combining style and precision. The stretch fabric of this skirt, besides being eco-friendly, ensures both its quality and your freedom of movement. With its straight cut and above-the-knee length, the Paolo skirt can be worn with or without heels without compromising an elegant silhouette.


Paolo skirt: elegance and comfort

The Paolo skirt embodies style and functionality. Its straight fit provides an impeccable professional look while preserving essential freedom of movement. Made from a balanced blend of 54% recycled polyester, 44% wool, and 2% elastane, this skirt revolutionises the standards of corporate wear

Comfort in action, elegance in movement

Designed for optimal freedom of movement, the Paolo skirt is crafted from high-quality stretch fabric. Beyond its eco-friendly aspect, this fabric ensures unparalleled flexibility during your working hours, offering the possibility to move easily throughout the day. The discreet back slit and the invisible zip closure complete this smart design, adding a touch of ease to its elegance.

Versatility and refinement

The versatility of the Paolo skirt is undeniable. Its straight fit and above-the-knee length make it perfectly adaptable: wear it with heels for a formal look or opt for a more casual outfit with flat shoes. Whatever your preference, this skirt will enhance your silhouette while maintaining an undeniable professional aspect.

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A responsible tailor skirt

Beyond its practicality and aesthetics, the Paolo professional skirt embodies a commitment to sustainability. Its innovative fabric, incorporating recycled polyester, is part of an eco-friendly approach without compromising on quality or style. It is the very expression of conscious and modern elegance.

Paolo skirt for a confident professional presence

Whether you're busy at the office, shining during crucial meetings, or participating in significant professional events, the Paolo skirt shows off your elegance. It is an indispensable element for a professional appearance that makes an impression, combining distinguished style, optimal comfort, and exemplary durability.

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